Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Memory Care

Memory Care is already available in some Avendelle assisted living homes
and will soon be integrated into others.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a specialized type of skilled nursing that helps seniors cope with the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory problems. It is a comprehensive approach that includes modifying the physical layout and security of the residence2, daily routines, structured activities or programs, specialized social & therapeutic programming, brain fitness & memory games, and specialty food programs1. At Avendelle, memory care1 is already available in some of our assisted living homes and will soon be integrated into others.

How is Memory Care delivered?

It’s important to know that Avendelle is an array of small residences, many of which provide memory care1, rather than a memory care community. While not all our assisted living locations are equipped for memory care1, those that are deliver it within an environment that also provides individualized attention, the comfort of home, and the peace of mind that comes with around-the-clock care. We work with dementia experts to make our homes easy to navigate2 and to reduce the risk of danger from wandering. The specialized caregivers involved in memory care have received professional care provider training and certification. Though requirements vary from state to state, our commitment to an outstanding quality of care is consistent across Avendelle’s network of assisted living locations.

What does Memory Care address?

When discussing Memory Care, you’re referring to a particular approach to concerns stemming from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The areas commonly covered in professional dementia training include:

  • Memory Loss Conditions
  • Care Strategies
  • Communication
  • Understanding Behavior
  • Social Needs
  • Nutrition
  • Pain Reduction
  • Falls
  • Wandering
  • End-of-Life Care

Whether you ultimately choose a professional facility or family caregiving for your parent or loved one, make sure that all individuals providing care have received training in these areas. With the right knowledge, caregivers can prevent accidents, promote effective communication, establish healthy routines, and minimize the stress and anxiety felt by everyone involved.

When is Memory Care needed?

Due to the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, the presence of one of these conditions means your loved one will almost certainly require specialized care. In the early stages of dementia, seniors can typically manage day-to-day life independently. Once a senior has progressed to the later stages of memory loss, a higher level of skill and supervision will be needed. Assisted living homes address these needs very well, affording independent living space with care and assistance available around the clock. Thanks to specialized training, Avendelle locations offering Memory Care1 are equipped to meet the evolving needs of residents with dementia, including by providing mental stimulation, diminishing potential causes of stress, and enhancing the safety of the home2.

Memory Care at Avendelle

Memory Care services are being rolled out in Avendelle’s residential care homes one at a time. If memory care is a concern or a priority for your loved one, be sure to mention this right up front so that we can help you evaluate homes where this type of care is available. Since both our care and our homes can be tailored to individual residents’ needs, we’re well equipped to implement interventions wherever they’re needed. The cost of memory care at Avendelle1 is unique as well. Thanks to our all-inclusive pricing model, memory care services are simply factored into the total price. There are no surprises, and you’ll always know what to expect.

To inquire about Memory Services at Avendelle residential care homes, request more information today.


1 – Availability varies by location; please inquire for details.
2 – Home Features vary by location.