Avendelle Franchise

Senior Housing

Avendelle is a recognized innovator in the senior care and senior services industry. With a business model and service platform unlike any other before, we have created unprecedented opportunities for senior housing and senior services franchising. We have developed a unique business model which provides an intimate and personable care setting for clients who would prefer to have a smaller living facility with closer relationships to the caregivers and staff. Our reputation is built on our commitment to customer experience, ethics, quality, professionalism, and our commitment to protecting our residents’ well-being while providing them with the best possible experience.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team has vast experience in the senior care and senior services industry and brings a background in business management to the franchise value proposition. Avendelle has become a recognized brand in the senior care and senior services market by delivering a business model so different from anything else. residents have raved about the experience with Avendelle, and the name has quickly spread as being associated with fun, unique ways to create a wonderful experience during their stay with Avendelle. We accomplish this by providing the absolute best customer service possible and through treating our residents and franchisees like we would our own family members.

Avendelle provides thriving and highly successful business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to start a business in this unique and growing industry. We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in owning and operating a high growth market, high margin senior care franchise business in their market.

Avendelle vision is to literally set a new standard in the senior services market. Our franchisees will be successful due to our successful operational methods and proven business building process through superior training, excellent customer care, technical guidance, and onsite support.


There is most likely a great deal of business opportunity available in your market for a Avendelle franchise. The senior market continues to expand in volume and numbers of prospective clients. According to industry research, 8,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 every day. In our initial phone consultation with you as a potential franchisee, we will run demographic and market research studies to determine what the potential for business growth and possible profit potential of your territory could be. We’ll show you what your market potential is with the Avendelle business model in place. Virtually every market across the U.S. has a growing need for services that will provide quality care for seniors. We can help you analyze and develop a business plan for your market and a strategy for how we will approach the market opportunity in your part of the country. In addition, Avendelle provides technology, operating systems, and strategic partners for you to leverage when starting and operating your business.

As a recognized innovator in our marketplace, Avendelle has a reputation for always thinking outside of the box in a responsible and efficient manner and an absolute commitment to the Resident’s satisfaction. This translates to our work with franchisees as well; we will be there for you every step of the way as you build your business and future with us.

Avendelle has one distinct focus: assisting our franchise owners in succeeding through the use of our proven methods of business development and the implementation of our quality business platform. What you’ll find is that we are as fully committed to your business as you are. We will stand behind you from the very beginning and will remain right beside you while your business grows to meet your business and financial goals.