The Vision

Premium Senior Care

Avendelle Assisted Living is dedicated to being the provider of personalized premium senior care homes in the senior care industry. The global launch of Avendelle is the culmination of nearly a decade of proven success within the senior care industry and represents a proven business model backed by a leadership team that has an established track record of replicating the business model in different markets. Today, Avendelle is represented by several senior care homes located throughout the Raleigh, North Carolina marketplace, and we’re growing nationwide.

With a growing demand for the use of the model and services, the founders of Avendelle decided to expand their successful business model to others across the United States, beginning with the Eastern seaboard. Avendelle will achieve significant expansion through the implementation of a franchising model in the United States and by securing key business partners who will facilitate national growth. The Avendelle difference is found in its unique business model, operating platform, and complete dedication to patient/client care.

Avendelle achieves significant business results in comparison to the rest of the senior care industry. Seniors and families who are tasked with the difficult decision of where to place an aging family member in need of support and care are faced with the decision of where to place their loved one. Today, the majority have chosen in-home senior care as the primary option due to the significant negative perception for larger nursing facilities. With Avendelle, there is another option for families and seniors: offering a smaller, intimate setting for clients, the family, and the client, assuring that there is significant attention on their well-being, car, and overall emotional status.

Avendelle offers the client a converted residential home which holds 5-8 residents at a time. With two staff members on site, the level of attention, care, and time spent with each client is significant, so the family does not need to worry about the upkeep of a home or having caregivers come and go from their property. Avendelle offers security, attentiveness, relationship-driven client care, and most of all, a commitment to the well-being of the senior